The process of education should satisfy possible needs of the learner through provision of complete education opportunities for physical, intellectual, emotional, moral and social development
Christmas Craft Winners 2020 ☃️☃️??

2+ / 3+ / 4+1. Sawen Minoodith (Santa Clause)2. Vihini Okithma (X’mas Crafts x 2)3. Yenara Onithma (X’mas Crafts x 3) Grade 1 1. Rehen Akash (X’mas Crafts x 5)2. Kumitha Thenuja (X’mas Crafts x 5)3. Suviru Sandive (X’mas Craft) Grade 2 1. Oneli Bamunuarachchi (Santa Clause)2. Kinara Himansi (Santa Clause & X’mas tree)3. Sithuki […]

LPL 2020 Fours and Sixes Melody Composed By Ayodhya Karunaratne

Ayodhya Karunaratne, the Youngest Sound Engineer of Sri Lanka (an i-gatian), who composed melodies for Lanka Premier League 2020 (LPL) fours and sixes. Congratulations to you and your future successes !..   #igatecollege #igatecollegecolombo #igatecollegethalawathugoda #lankaprimierleauge #igatecollegekottawa  

Sri Lanka’s Youngest Sound Engineer. An i-Gation !..

15 Year old “Sri Lanka’s Youngest Sound Engineer” With pride we announce Ayodhya Karunarathne, who has been awarded and recognized as “Sri Lanka’s Youngest Sound Engineer”. He is a Grade 10 student currently studying at i-GATE College. Congratulations on your well deserved success !.. #igatecollege #igatecollegecolombo #igatecollegethalawathugoda

Happy Children’s Day 2020

Every child is like a flower and no two flowers can be compared. A child loved today will spread the love tomorrow! Children are the gifts of God; let them fly with their thoughts. Pledge to be nice to every child you meet; one day, history will be made with this simple deed. Happy Children’s […]

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